Pediatric Physiotherapy

Child Physiotherapy

The pediatric physiotherapist is a specialist in moving and is specialized in the treatment of children aged 0 to 18 years. Children lacking in their movement development or with problems in their motor skills can come to us for treatment.

Pediatric physiotherapy focuses on the stimulation of optimal motor skills development of the child and focuses specifically on the development of the movement functions. Pediatric physiotherapy puts the interests of the child and the parents first. The pediatric physiotherapist treats, guides and advises children and their parents. This way they may develop as well as possible so that they can once again play at home, outside and school and can continue with their sport.

In our practice there are two registered pediatric physiotherapists with extensive experience in treating young infants, the treatment of proper posture and (premature) babies born too early. Children with writing problems, motor skills development problems, neurological problems, and sports injuries can also be treated at our practice. There are many indicators to go to a pediatric physiotherapist.

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