Physiotherapy is covered by supplementary (AV) insurance, depending on your personal policy choice. Declarations of your treatments are declared by us directly to your health insurance. It is important to check your insurance policy to see how many physiotherapy treatments you are reimbursed per calendar year.

Physiotherapy treatments which are paid for by your AV do not fall under the deductible.

If you only have basic insurance, you pay the treatment yourself > check hear for rates

In chronic disease, the treatments are reimbursed by health insurance, except for the first 20 treatments. These are reimbursed by the additional healthcare insurance (AV). If you do not have AV, or not the full package, you pay the treatment yourself.

In the basic insurance, there is a compulsory deductible (in 2016 €385,-).

That means, if, in the new year, you incur health care costs covered by the basic insurance, you must first pay the deductible to the health insurance. (Exceptions are general care, midwives and maternity). Thereafter, all costs under the policy conditions of the insurance are reimbursed.

The first 18 treatments of children <18 years are reimbursed by the basic health insurance. They have no deductibles, so you do not have to pay it for them.

Patient Satisfaction

We take Qualiview surveys to measure customer experience and satisfaction. Completing the patient experience survey only takes a few minutes. All data is collected anonymously and cannot be traced.

Participation is not mandatory, but is highly appreciated.


We do our best to treat you as well as possible. If you have questions or if you are not satisfied with something, please let us know. Would you like to file a complaint? Complain about your physiotherapist.

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