Practice info

Our practice for physiotherapy and paediatric physiotherapy is located in a medical center along with three general practices and other disciplines. Medical Center Sint Pieter is housed in a modern, transparent building located in the center of Sint Pieter in Maastricht. The practice is wheel chair accessible and the modern exercise room is accessible by lift. In the immediate vicinity of the medical center there is ample paid parking spaces, but is also easily accessible through public transportation (bus number 4).


You can contact us for physiotherapy with a referral from the family doctor, paediatrician, or medical specialist, but also access through direct physiotherapy (DTF), you can make an appointment.

For you first appointment we ask you to bring

  • your insurance card > control insurance
  • identification > control BSN number

Our practice has a contract with any health insurance

Examination and treatment

During the first appointment, the physiotherapist will create, through a discussion and a consequent examination, a complete picture of your physical health problem.

Based on this, the physiotherapist, together with you, will create a treatment plan.

Each complaint is different and each person reacts differently to his or her symptoms.

Exercises are the core part of treatment. This is intended to influence the movement possibilities of joints, and to increase muscle strength. Other objectives may be: to learn better posture, achieve better balance and stability, better breathing technique and learning to relax.

There are always exercises taught for at home, tailored to your situation and options. It is important that you become aware of what the best way is to move, and gain confidence in your body. For support, the physiotherapist may apply a massage and apply physical therapy.

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